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Cleaning Fairy LLC BBB Business Review

Cleaning Service Guarantee

No-questions-asked, 100% money-back, 48-Hour Guarantee

If after 48 hours, you can’t honestly state that you’re satisfied with our service we will refund your money & redo the work.

Here's what is included in our Good House Cleaning service


Clean small appliances (outside only)

We clean inside of your microwave

Clean out of large appliances

Includes fridge, oven, dishwear

Clean range top and surfaces

Clean, wipe, and sanitize sinks

Clean all exterior & countertop surfaces


Full cleaning of shower & tubs

Includes walls and glass partitions

Clean, dry, and sanitize surfaces

Includes mirrors, faucets & fixtures

Scrub and sanitize toilets

Clean, wipe, and sanitize sinks

Clean all exterior & vanity surfaces

All rooms

Wipe and sanitize touchpoints

Includes doorknobs, rails, and light switches

Empty waste baskets & replace bags

Leave clean bags & disposal instructions

Dust exposed surfaces (e.g. baseboards)

Clean, dry, and shine mirrors

Vacuum carpets, sweep, & mop floors


Organize and “straighten” knick-knacks

Include any instructions in notes section

Make beds

Not including add-on services

Wet wipe baseboards, doors, & trim

Includes windowsills, and exposed surfaces

Clean inside of large appliances

Includes oven, fridges, cabinets

Change linens

Leave sheets on bed

AS LOW AS $150

Mechanicsburg’s Most Loved Cleaning Service

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Good Cleaning: Here’s what you get Our professional cleaning team will:




Living Room

AS LOW AS $150

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